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Professional Services

A+K Architects brings the combined knowledge and experience of two Regina based firms to collaborate and collectively participate for the full duration of the project.  It is through their combined knowledge base that the firm has been able to review the available consulting team members, selecting the best possible combination of disciplines for this specific endeavour.

We have developed specific methods that facilitate a high level of control and management throughout the process.  First and foremost of our methods is establishing a key point of contact within our consulting team.  This leader, backed by their associative professional group, follows the project through from initial interview to grand opening.  This method provides a full level of continuity and history for the project; no breaks in information or development occur.

Communication is the most vital means through which we manage our team. The creation of a project schedule, task identification charts, workflow diagrams and regularly scheduled submissions provide the necessary means to keep the team fully engaged from start to finish.  Communication with the client, via regularly submitted written progress reports maintains their confidence in the process as they know where the process is at, where it is headed and what can be expected along the way.

Communication in written and verbal formats takes place on a regular basis with our full team.  Meetings occur on a regularly scheduled basis with all those applicable to the meeting required to attend.  Minutes are prepared and distributed on a timely basis to ensure all parties remain abreast of the process.

Unexpected circumstances do arise – they are inevitable on any project.  Our policy is always to resolve the issue at hand as expediently as possible.  Members of the team that may be responsible for unforeseen actions or results are held accountable by a process of peer review and determination.  We hold ourselves to a very high standard of professional policy and we have selected the members of our team on that basis. 

The consulting team as a whole shares a collective background including a diverse portfolio of projects, varying in magnitude and complexity.  The members of this consulting group have maintained ongoing professional relationships on projects throughout the Province of Saskatchewan. These relationships have developed excellent working parameters, maintaining a professional atmosphere of trust, reliance and performance. We know our strengths, the strengths of each individual member of the team, and the combined capabilities of our consulting group as a whole.

The following table presents a summary of the proposed disciplines available for inclusion in our consulting team structures. Specific teams are assembled for each project to directly serve the needs of the client.


Architecture/Project Lead

Structural Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Interior Design
Landscape Architecture


Building Envelope Specialist

Acoustical/Environmental Design

Quantity Surveyor

Project Control

    The responsibility for project control during construction involves the entire project team, spearheaded by A+K Architects.

    Our management systems continually monitor and track the progress of the work in several methods:

    Regularly scheduled project inspections (Working sessions with the General Contractor and Major Trades on site)

    Regularly scheduled project meetings (including client members, project team, General Contractor and major subtrades: minutes of meeting are prepared and distributed in a timely manner to keep all parties abreast of the developments)

    Review of requests for additional scope related to the project submitted by either the client or contractor.  We recognize that some changes are likely to occur to the issued documents.  Our role in this regard is to prepare the necessary documentation for the contemplated change, review and discuss the change with related parties (client and contractor), and complete an analysis of the submitted pricing in order to ensure any change to the scope results in a fair and equitable change to the contract